Biescas: work and play!

Given that each event needs to stand out, the Tierra de Biescas Hotel Complex has multipurpose rooms that may be adapted for any conferences, business events and training courses, as well as product presentations, team building and formal dinners.

The location, height and privileged position held by Biescas in the Huesca Pyrenees allow companies to plan their workshops with alternative activities: outdoor teamwork, sports, multiadventure, leisure and theme-based events.

Facilities and Services

All our facilities are complete fitted with audiovisual equipment and are equipped to meet the requirements of various professional events:

1. Santa Elena Room: designed to arrange independent rooms or facilitate a large 300 m2 multipurpose room, with optimum capacity for 200 attendants.

2. Executive Room.

3. Outdoor terraces with views of the Pyrenees: facing north and south, ready to host professional events or informal meetings, with our own personalised catering and buffet services. SEE VIDEO.


4. Our 3,000 m² gardens extend the possibilities of arranging unique settings, particularly in the Spring and Summer. The Tierra de Biescas Hotel also offers the possibility of reserving the outdoor swimming pool and SPA-Wellness with a recreational heated swimming pool.